More Food for Thought

Editor’s Note: You’d have to assume that Toronto will look to deal since it appears Bosh is opting out. If Walsh were to make a move, that would put pressure on him to move Eddy Curry and Jared Jefferies. But he has a year to do it.

So let’s just say that both Jrue Holiday and Stephen Curry are off the board, and Tyreke Evans is there at 8. With what we now know about Toronto’s love affair, what does Donnie Walsh do?

Does he take Evans and immediately call Toronto and inquire about a possible Lee, (another contract might be necessary depending on what Lee signs for) and Evans for Chris Bosh deal? You’d think that the conversation would take place especially if Walsh somehow acquires a later first round pick. He’d take Evans and sign Lee then look up “C” for “Colangelo.”

Toronto would have love to add a good young, relatively cheap big in Lee as well as the 8th and 9th picks. But does Walsh, regardless of how much they like him,  pull the trigger on a Bosh deal, a guy who couldn’t lead the Raptors to the playoffs this season?  Adding Bosh, along with a player in the 18-25 range would give the Knicks the big man to pair perfectly with Lebron along with a cheap, talented prospect.

Or do they keep Evans, who we now know is really tight with the King, as well as Lee?

As we’ve seen with Antonio McDyess, trading youth and picks for a star can blow up in your face, but it’s the risky moves that make you drastically better. And if the Knicks obtain Bosh, he’ll easily be better than any 1A Cleveland can bring in. What a message that would send to Lebron. So under those pretenses, I make that deal if I’m Walsh.

Tough decisions like these are what Donnie gets paid for, and it makes me feel great that the guy is on our end of the phone. You know that he’ll use his leverage wisely if Evans is there at 8, which is still uncertain at this point.

By the way, I understand the talk, from fans, about Jonny Flynn. If Flynn blows away the other guards at their workout for the Knicks maybe Walsh springs a leak that they love him and trades down to a team that covets him more. Or maybe he drafts him.

At this point you’d have to think that Flynn is right behind Evans on their board. We’ll know more after the workouts.