J.R. Smith honored to be the new Dennis Rodman

Adam Zagoria, Team Reporter

J.R. Smith is honored to be the new Dennis Rodman.

“To be compared to Dennis Rodman, I think, is a great thing, so I’ll take it,” Smith said Friday at Knicks practice. “I like it.”

Knicks President Phil Jackson initially compared Smith to Rodman during an interview with the New York Post, saying both had an “outlier side.”

Rodman took to Twitter this week to send “good luck” to Smith, whom he called “the new Dennis Rodman.”

Rodman won five NBA titles, Smith has none. Other than that, both have made headlines as much for their off-the-court shenanigans as their on-court impact.

“I think the reputation,” Smith said. “Females, night life, whatever people want to say about us, is kind of similar. I think, in general, just overall the way we are. We work hard on the court, we play hard off the court, so I’ll take it.”

On the court, Smith is dealing with some back spasms but says he feels OK.

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Will Travis Wear make Knicks’ roster instead of Travis Outlaw?

Keith Schlosser, Lead Writer

With fifteen guaranteed contracts on the roster, the last thing anyone could have expected the Knicks to have with training camp/preseason play underway would be a roster spot up for grabs.

Of course, with a new coach in Derek Fisher attempting to implement the triangle, he’s sure to continue exploring who fits best. Position battles are have officially begun as players compete for minutes in the rotation.

As Carmelo Anthony put it, the Knicks simply have who they have. With little roster/cap flexibility until next summer, New York must more or less roll with the punches.

That said, one question that has come about after four preseason contests (perhaps unexpectedly) is this: which Travis will still be donning orange and blue come opening night?

That very question, of course, refers to the likes of Travis Outlaw and Travis Wear.

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TKB Exclusive: Jerry Stackhouse on new TV deal and potential lockout in 2017

Moke Hamilton, NBA Analyst

Jovial, upbeat and proud, Commissioner Adam Silver announced a paradigm-shifting television deal that the NBA had inked with the Walt Disney Company and Time Warner. Indeed, there has never been a better time to be an NBA owner.

For the league’s players and its union, though, the mood in the aftermath wasn’t as upbeat. Most players that were involved in the last NBA work stoppage and the ratification of the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement, according to my intel, felt another word.

“Duped” is the exact word that one NBA player with whom I spoke used.

That is an adjective that former two-time NBA All-Star Jerry Stackhouse seems to agree with.

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Carmelo Anthony, Zach Zarba

NBA approves additional replay and rules changes

The NBA announced on Thursday that the Board of Governors has approved additional instant replay and rules changes for the 2014-15 season. The additions to instant replay and the rule changes will go into effect this Friday during preseason games.

Regarding instant replay, new rules will allow officials to review a play whenever they’re not “reasonably certain” a team had an improper number of players on the court.

Modification to the existing replay rules includes the fact that instant replay triggers will no longer be in effect during the entire overtime period(s). Instead, the replay triggers will only be in effect during the last two minutes of each overtime period. Modifications will also give officials more freedom to go to replay when determining possession, and for decisions on flagrant fouls, clear-path fouls, and players who are fouled away from the ball.

New rules changes include stiffer penalties for too many players on the court while the ball is in play, the ability for teems to “freely substitute” players whenever a timeout is called, and the fact that the shot clock will no longer be reset to five seconds each time a held ball is caused by the defense with less than five seconds on the clock.