Carmelo Anthony discusses his return to Knicks and business strategy

Keith Schlosser, Lead Writer

On Thursday, Knicks’ star Carmelo Anthony spoke at the Bloomberg Sports Business Summit in New York City to discuss his investment strategy for his recently founded fund, Melo7 Tech Partners. Having just started things up this past July, Melo & Co. have already invested in nearly half a dozen companies.

“I’ve always been into gadgets. Anyone who sees me on the road and watches me travel knows I always have my tech bag. It’s part of my lifestyle,” the forward said. “[Technology] has become all about my training. It’s how I stay in shape, manage my heart rate, my footsteps walking around. This is something I’ve always wanted to be a part of and something I’ve always been interested in.”

Carmelo AnthonyWhile discussing his personal brand, Anthony asserted that such business opportunities played into his decision to re-sign with the Knicks this offseason. He added, “I just didn’t want to leave. There were so many opportunities that I started to build upon while I was here. There have been business opportunities and different situations — things I’ve always wanted to do in New York City. I just felt as though if I were to leave, I’d have to start all over in the next space. I’d have to meet new people and build a foundation, but it’s taken me a while to get it to where it is right now.”

Outlining his vision for the future, Anthony said, “I want to brand myself as the digital athlete. I want to be the pioneer when it comes to technology and being the face of that movement.”

But in addition to discussing his business strategy, the Knicks’ star also took the opportunity to shed some light on his continuously growing relationship with team President Phil Jackson.

“Phil Jackson will be a mentor to me. I haven’t really gotten a chance to sit down with him and get his advice, but during the season I’m sure we’ll spend a lot of time together,”Anthony said, adding that Jackson convinced him to take a “pay cut” on his new contract. “He’s a reader. I hear he plays a lot of mind games. He’s a smart guy, so I’m looking forward to the books he’s going to give us during training camp.”

A true up and coming businessman at heart, Anthony’s day-job will leave him tasked with helping the Knicks return to greatness over the next five years.

But when it’s all said and done and he’s chosen to hang up his sneakers, Anthony says there may be an opportunity for him to be part of an ownership group in the future.

“[There] is,” he concluded, “Building those relationships and building my brand up now means my brand will still be growing, and I’ll have the opportunity to do things like that.”

Report: Kings to waive Jeremy Tyler

Keith Schlosser, Lead Writer

Just days after waiving Wayne Ellington, the Sacramento Kings are reportedly poised to also waive Jeremy Tyler, the second player acquired in the team’s offseason trade with the Knicks.

Tyler’s contract calls for a guarantee to kick in at some point in mid-September unless he is waived beforehand. A source informs and that New York would have in fact waived Tyler themselves when the time came if he hadn’t been dealt to Sacramento instead. 

Tyler represented plenty of the the things the Knicks desire in a promising big man: he has youth, steady defensive instincts, and even a decent enough mid-range jump shot for a player his size. He impressed in NBA Summer League last year and eventually earned a roster spot. While he wasn’t able to find minutes in Coach Mike Woodson’s rotation, a second straight positive showing in Las Vegas this past July suggested he could still make solid contributions if given the chance.

Despite such potential, fans shouldn’t expect Tyler back in a Knicks uniform any time soon should he in fact be waived by Sacramento. As per the NBA’s CBA, players previously traded away in a deal cannot be subsequently re-signed until a year following the initial trade.

New Knicks assistant has ties to Kevin Durant

Sam Spiegelman

Knicks fans hopeful Kevin Durant will wind up in New York City when he hits free agency, feel free to put together the tea leaves.

First, Durant’s former teammate, Derek Fisher, was named the Knicks’ head coach. Now the Knicks’ newest assistant, Brian Keefe, is being touted as “Durant’s guy.”

According to the New York Post, Keefe and Durant are very close. Keefe was in Oklahoma City for seven seasons. So perhaps the combination of Fisher and Keefe in New York would be enticing for Durant, a free agent in the summer of 2016.

Knicks to hold training camp at West Point

The Knicks will hold their training camp at Christl Arena on the grounds of the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY.

Training camp will run from September 30 through October 4.

It is the first time camp will be held at West Point since 1966, the Knicks said.

Knicks’ NBA D-League Expansion Draft results to be released

Keith Schlosser, Lead Writer

This coming season, the Knicks will own and operate their own NBA D-League team out of Westchester (to be called the Westchester Knicks). On Tuesday, the league held an expansion draft for Westchester, allowing the Knicks to begin building a foundation for its minor league team.

The results of the draft are expected to be released at some point on Wednesday.

The NBA squad has been affiliated with D-League teams in the past, but never before have they had a minor league team with such local proximity. The fact that the team can finally operate out of Westchester will allow the Knicks to utilize the minor league a bit more freely. NBA players can be easily assigned back and forth (even as frequently as on a nightly basis), aiding the development of such guns as it relates to helping them receive more substansial in-game reps. If the minutes aren’t available on the NBA squad, some of the Knicks’ youngsters can hit the hardwood in Westchester instead. In the process, the team can send over a scout or two to easily and readily monitor such progress along the way. Sometimes that proves more difficult to do if the minor league is out of state.

In addition, operating an entire team out of Westchester will open the Knicks’ eyes up to an entire other way of scouting players. The team will have access to up to ten promising prospects on a daily basis, as well as some of the incoming visiting prospects occasionally, too. They will be able to keep a closer eye on those players who happen to intrigue them, but perhaps aren’t quite fully ready to make the cut.

Some players with previous Knickerbocker ties (be it via a roster spot or training camp invite) to grace the D-League stage in most recent seasons include Jerome Jordan, Ike Diogu, CJ Leslie, Andy Rautins, and even former camp invitee Ron Howard, who was named the minor league’s co-MVP last season.

UPDATE: Below are the results (with sixteen selections in all) from the expansion draft:


Amar’e Stoudemire looks slim in offseason workout

Keith Schlosser, Lead Writer

Though it would appear as though Samuel Dalembert is the Knicks’ most likely replacement for Tyson Chandler at the starting center position, perhaps Amar’e Stoudemire could receive a handful of starts at the five as well.

Stoudemire’s Knickerbocker career has obviously been plagued by injuries, ensuring it to be nothing like what most first expected upon the forward arriving in the Big Apple. Having only played in 141 contests over the last three seasons, it’s safe to say New York has been forced to be overly cautious when it comes to attempting to preserve Stoudemire.

But when he’s actually been able to hit the hardwood, the big man has made positive contributions. Willingly accepting a reserve role more recently, Stoudemire has given his team a much needed scoring punch off the bench. His production hasn’t exactly been the problem. Instead, the dilemma has been the Knicks’ attempting to squeeze the most out of him while they still can. It’s a tricky situation, to say the last.

That said, Stoudemire is now in the final year of his contract. The Knicks can finally go for broke and take the kid gloves off. It’s time to maximize what they can get from the $100 million man and find out if he can readily contribute to a successful team night in and night out. In a contract year, it’s important for both sides to see what he has left.

For what it’s worth, Stoudemire looked to be in great shape during a recent offseason workout. Take a look below…  To read more of this story, click here