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NBA approves additional replay and rules changes

The NBA announced on Thursday that the Board of Governors has approved additional instant replay and rules changes for the 2014-15 season. The additions to instant replay and the rule changes will go into effect this Friday during preseason games.

Regarding instant replay, new rules will allow officials to review a play whenever they’re not “reasonably certain” a team had an improper number of players on the court.

Modification to the existing replay rules includes the fact that instant replay triggers will no longer be in effect during the entire overtime period(s). Instead, the replay triggers will only be in effect during the last two minutes of each overtime period. Modifications will also give officials more freedom to go to replay when determining possession, and for decisions on flagrant fouls, clear-path fouls, and players who are fouled away from the ball.

New rules changes include stiffer penalties for too many players on the court while the ball is in play, the ability for teems to “freely substitute” players whenever a timeout is called, and the fact that the shot clock will no longer be reset to five seconds each time a held ball is caused by the defense with less than five seconds on the clock.

Turning water into wine: Amar’e uses vinotherapy for rejuvenation

Adam Zagoria, Team Reporter

Amar’e Stoudemire is turning water into wine.

In his bathtub.

The Knicks forward posted a picture on Instagram of himself in a red wine bath in New York on Wednesday when the Knicks had an off day.

One day later, he talked about the rejuvenation impact it has on STAThim.

“Well, yesterday, I felt great after doing that recovery day,” he said Thursday at practice at the Knicks Westchester facility. “My legs felt rejuvenated. I felt great so I’m going to continue to do that for sure.”

The phenomenon of “vinotherapy” is described as a “process where the residue of wine making (the pips and pulp) are rubbed into the skin. The pulp is said to have excellent exfoliating qualities and help reduce the problems associated with aging.”

“The red wine bath is very important to me because it … creates more circulation in my red blood cells,” Stoudemire, 31, said. To read more of this story, click here

Director Michael Rapaport hopes to have inspired Knicks with film

Keith Schlosser, Lead Writer

Having not won an NBA championship in over forty years, it’s safe to say New York City is increasingly hungry for the Knicks  to recapture such greatness.

With Knickerbocker championship-winning role player Phil Jackson back in town as team President, the future is brighter than before, but nothing is guaranteed.

While Jackson merely begins to work his magic, actor/director Michael Rapaport, a life-long Knicks fan himself, is providing fans with a healthy reminder of what such a victory meant to the Big Apple and its culture. His documentary, When the Garden Was Eden, premieres on ESPN on Tuesday, October 21 at 9 p.m.EST.

garden eden“The film is about the making and development of the 1970 and 1973 Knicks teams. It’s about an eclectic group of guys that came together — the melting pot of the world,” he told and “It sort of launched what the NBA is today. It was a bunch of different personalities, and they won in dramatic fashion, obviously.”

Discussing the team’s influence on the league, he continued, “At the time, the NBA was a Mom and Pop league that was dominated mostly by the Boston Celtics,” he said. “It wasn’t nearly what it is today. This was before the Magic Johnson/Larry Bird era. It was a small league, and the Knicks weren’t that good. MSG wasn’t filled up. The games didn’t sell out. When that group came together and won in front of the advertisers who were on Madison Avenue, it launched what has become an entertainment league. Celebrities started to come and the league became popular.”

As fate would have it, Jackson was one of the many former players Rapaport interviewed for the film (others included Willis Reed, Walt “Clyde” Frazier and Earl “The Pearl” Monroe). The fact that Jackson is now running the show is simply icing on the cake.

“When we started, the idea of Phil Jackson coming back wasn’t brought up yet. But by the time we finished the film and started doing the polishing, [his hiring] happened and we had to go back and re-edit,” the director said. “We couldn’t have planned it, but it makes for great story telling. We added that stuff in.”

“The coolest thing, for me was screening it at the Tribeca Film Festival and having guys like Phil, Cazzie Russell, Dick Barnett and Earl Monroe come over and give the film their thumbs up,” he said.

Jackson’s own appreciation of the film was evident, as he invited Rapaport to premiere it for Carmelo Anthony and his Knicks of a new generation.

“I had the honor to go up to training camp. I was invited by Phil to come out and show the players and staff the film in a private screening. Professionally, it was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. I think Phil’s intention was to show this current team what it took to win, how they did it, and the response they got,” Rapaport said. “New York City is a basketball town. Period. The makeup of the city was developed, and now you can’t walk thirty blocks in either direction without seeing a court. It’s part of the fabric city. It goes along with buses, taxis, and loud noises.”

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Knicks pick up Shane Larkin’s option

Sam Spiegelman

The Knicks plan to pick up the third-year contract option of guard Shane Larkin, according to Yahoo! Sports.

The Knicks reportedly faced some “initial uncertainty” when it came to making the decision to do so. Larkin was a component of the Tyson Chandler-Jose Calderon swap with the Dallas Mavericks made soon after Phil Jackson took over the team.

Larkin, 22, will make $1.67 million for the 2015-16 after impressing the Knicks in the preseason.

As the summer of free agent in 2015-16 nears, Jackson plans to be cautious with his cap space in an effort to lure top-tier free agents to the Knicks. Apparently, the Zen Master has seen something promising out of Larkin, who has averaged 2.5 points and 1.5 assists in 20 minutes per game this preseason.

Keith Schlosser, Lead Writer

This is obviously a low-risk, high-reward type of move for Jackson and the Knicks. After fighting through injuries much of last season with the Mavericks, Larkin was never quite 100% healthy at any point. Now donning orange and blue, the guard is rejuvenated and has a new opportunity to prove himself yet again.

Despite limited action on the NBA hardwood in his rookie season, Larkin still impressed while on assignment in the D-League.

Larkin is a pass-first floor general, who although has proven to be a bit overanxious at times this preseason, has an eagerness to grow and learn the triangle. Poised to earn $1.67 million next season, he’s worth holding on to see what else is there. His salary certainly doesn’t put a large dent in the team’s cap space next summer by any means.

Perhaps unrelated, it’s worth noting that the Knicks’ deadline for working out a contract extension with Iman Shumpert comes along this month as well. At media day last month, the fourth-year player said the team had been yet to discuss one with him. 

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