Retro Knicks: Battle in Sac-Town in 2001

I was in the midst of a twitter conversation about bad contracts and Glen Rice and decided to YouTube “Glen Rice and the Knicks.” Couldn’t find any videos of highlights (insert Palin joke here_______) but did come across this game from 2001. Not exactly a defensive battle.


Why wont Hollins just go away? Jeez he's terrible judging other people's abilities. Let me tell you Hollins is no Jason Kidd let a lone Phil Jackson. He is as big a reason this team is what they are than anything.

King is also on the moon praising Hollins for getting guys out of their comfort zones. How exactly did that work out? Simply because they backed into the playoffs it's all good get real king.

Accountabilty? Hollins should have benched himself. How about playing joe and jack high minutes regardless of whether they dogged it on defense or not and then benching brook and Bogs. Accountabilty? Hollins has been a joke this year. And then benching williams? He surely doesn't know williams because if he did he would know that only williams can motivate Williams nothing else will.