The Celts Are Vulnerable

A great read and trip down memory lane from our friend Brandon Tierney who recalls, in similar fashion, the 1990 series.

Just like the 1989-90 Boston Celtics were vulnerable.

Quite frankly, the parallels are amazing.

Like the Bird-led model, this crop of cagers from Beantown are flat-out old.

Spare me the “experienced” stuff and the “DNA” pleasantries, not interested.

Old is old.

Larry Bird was 34, Kevin McHale was 32, Robert Parish was 36 and Dennis Johnson was 35.

Well guess what?

40 may be the new “20″ in fashion magazines, but not in the NBA. In the NBA, speed and athleticism and explosion is rewarded. Anything other than that is exploited.

Are the Knicks going to win this series? I don’t think so. Nor are they expected to. That’s a great place to be. I agree the Celtics are vulnerable and who knows, maybe the Knicks can have a repeat some 20 years later.

Man, 20 years, it doesn’t seem that long….