Could the Knicks Save and Add Green?

Because it’s simply a New Yorker’s nature to always been looking towards the next thing, win streak aside, I’d like to take a brief moment to expound on some forward thinking.

We’ve talked over and over about Carmelo Anthony somehow wearing orange and blue, which is still on the front burner as far as the Knicks are concerned. But if you know one thing about Donnie Walsh, he can see for miles and miles and miles.

How else would they have been able to have all their eggs in one basket, see most of them crack, only to have the basket filled with young players and solid contributors who have led them out to 13-9 in their first 21?

Should it not work out with Carmelo, could it be possible that the Knicks would turn to (finger point to Jim Maxis for stimulating the brain waves on this one) Jeff Green as another alternative?

Green and the Thunder are not talking extension right now… (via dailythunder)

Green said he’s happy this out in the open so now he can move on and hopefully will stop getting questions on it.

So how’s this sit with you? Do you think Green should’ve been extended? Is this smart? My feeling is that it’s a very Presti-ish move not to extend Green because with the new CBA coming and the potential for players in Green’s salary bracket to get their money dropped significantly, Oklahoma City might be saving some good money here. Plus, now Jeff Green has got to prove his worth, something he really hasn’t done yet. Monetary motivation is always a good thing.

…and the Thunder have to manage to keep Russell Westbrook. So Green could and should be available for a reasonable asking price for the Knicks, who are wisely cap ready to add to this thing moving forward. Green isn’t a 3-point threat, which could hamper the Thunder as the season rolls on and they need that 3rd scorer to stretch the half court, but he’s a polished, young, solid offensive player who’s better defensively.

Or is he just a glorified Wilson Chandler?

Green isn’t a star but could be on the verge and I remember a player who the Knicks signed as a venerable bargain back in 96 who worked out very well for them for the rest of the decade.

Not my call, but you can bet that the Knicks, just like last summer, are prepared to go all in, with several buy-ins locked in a big fat briefcase as insurance.