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According to the source, Grunwald has had just one conversation with Anthony since he became GM. And D’Antoni rarely talks to Anthony after games, especially since Anthony’s return from a groin injury. The Knicks have lost 8 of 10 games since then to fall to 18-24 and out of playoff position.

Anthony is not close to owner James Dolan the way Amar’e Stoudemire is. The source said Anthony gets along best with assistant GM Allan Houston, who eventually could succeed Grunwald.

“He knows Glen doesn’t like him,’’ the source said.

It would seem unlikely — and ill-advised — for the Knicks to pull off a trade for Anthony on such short notice before Thursday’s deadline.

Though Stoudemire lobbied for the Knicks to trade for Anthony, the pair’s friendship has not flourished.

“They’re not as close as people think they are,’’ the source said. “It’s an awkward relationship.’’ more

As we mentioned earlier this year the awkwardness between Melo and Stoudemire stems from Anthony’s desire to bring Chris Paul here. The Knicks took a wild swing by attempting to deal Stoudemire for Paul the same day they made the deal to bring Tyson Chandler to NY.

I spoke to a source yesterday with direct knowledge of the situation in regards to the NY Post report suggesting that Melo didn’t sign off on J.R. Smith coming to NY. The source completely dismissed the report.

The Daily News is reporting that one executive would prefer to trade Melo, but is reporting that owner James Dolan isn’t interested in doing so.

The source would not reveal the name of the executive pushing to trade Anthony but the Daily News has learned that Anthony still has two formidable allies in his corner; Dolan, the Chairman of Madison Square Garden and MSG President Scott O’Neil, who both played significant roles in bringing Anthony to New York.

According to a source, Dolan is not ready to give up on his signature acquisition. In fact, Dolan has let it be known that he does not intend to move any of his top players prior to Thursday’s trading deadline.

“He said he’s not trading anyone,” said the source, with direct contact with Dolan. “He said it’s up to the coach to figure it out.”

Today should be an interesting day. I’ve talked to several people who say the Knicks are not actively looking to trade any of their high priced players but are looking to land picks in this year’s draft. The problem is Toney Douglas, who they have been shopping, hasn’t played in months.

As the deadline approaches, based on what I’ve heard, expect the Knicks to stand pat unless Orlando decides they want to engage in conversations about Dwight Howard.

The NY Times is reporting a 14 plus one divide.

Anthony is breaking plays and demanding the ball in isolation, then snapping at teammates when they fail to get it to him. It happened late Monday, when Anthony called for the ball in the post, then smacked his hands in anger after Landry Fields went elsewhere. More often, Anthony saves the criticism for more private moments, on the bench or in the locker room.

If you remember that Fields play, Melo was right to be upset. Fields has to pass him the ball as he had his man sealed. Fields chose not to. It was a bad decision. I’m not saying it was intentional as Fields often gets passive especially when he has turned the ball over on previous possessions.

Melo sulking during the ensuing plays was the most egregious part.

Here’s what I hear. As much as people want to talk trades and that buzz always captivates the city like a wave, Mike D’Antoni lost the owner’s ear a long time ago. This is about him making the pieces fit. The owner is tired of hearing excuses.

This is not to excuse Melo from this. His body language and effort at times has been inexcusable. His leadership in the locker room is non-existent.

Speaking of the locker room, just so that we can get every report in, ESPN is pointing the finger at the coach.

D’Antoni, hailed as an offensive genius during his successful tenure in Phoenix, has lost the Knicks’ locker room, the sources say.

“The players like Mike as a person,” one source said. “They think he’s a good guy. But he doesn’t have the respect of the team anymore.”

D’Antoni is in the last year of a four-year deal and all indications are that he will not be brought back after this season; that is, if he survives the rest of this season. The Knicks are expected to make a run at Phil Jackson, who retired from the Lakers last year with 11 NBA titles.

What a mess at MSG.

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