It's Evolution Baby


When Amar’e goes to the ground and has to get taped, every Knick fan cringes. But the fact of the matter is every fan of every team does. There is always the possibility of a player going down to injury. You have to trust that the investment in an athlete of Amar’e’s caliber pays off and when you look at the end of his contract you have to hope that he morphs into an all-around player on both ends.

He struggles to rebound at times. Truth be told, weight-wise, he’s a small 4. He’s slender. But he’s a ridiculous athlete.

I mentioned Karl Malone’s progression yesterday. Defensively, Malone had a much bigger build.  Amar’e needs to turn himself into a pick and pop player first, and finisher second like Malone did at the second half of his career. That leads to efficiency and sustainability.

Think about all the great PFs that have come in as explosive athletes and turned into great shooters along with Malone. Barkley, Webber, KG, Sheed initially come to mind. None, except maybe Sir Charles, were classic back down post specialists. Their strength was finding space and seemingly always making jumpers.

With the addition of Carmelo Anthony, Stoudemire has utilized his mid-range game well. He’s getting better at selecting shots, although some are rushed and early in the shot clock, but, as Eddie Vedder would say, It’s Evolution Baby.

And the evolution of Amar’e’s all-around game is in full effect. This should help his progression moving forward tremendously.

He knows it too. Dating back to training camp, the guy would always be the first and last player off the floor…working on his jumper.