Lin Out 6 Weeks

“The New York Knicks announced before the Cleveland Cavaliers game on Saturday night that starting point guard Jeremy Lin will be out approximately six weeks with a small chronic meniscal tear in his left knee, based on an MRI exam.

Lin will have arthrosopic surgery early next week in New York to repair the injury.”

This one really hurts for this team.  The importance of keeping Baron Davis healthy has just multiplied with this news.

If you ask me, I think Toney Douglas has to start seeing some time because frankly, I do not trust Bibby for extended minutes.  Baron cannot play 30-35 minutes every games for the next 6 weeks.  That is out of the question.  Mike Bibby does not have the legs to handle full-time backup duties at the position either.  Douglas right now should have the legs to withstand the kind of minutes that they need from that spot.

It will be interesting to see how Lin is able to return from an injury like this.  I used to praise Lin for his durability, especially given his style of play.  Hopefully he can return to form and hopefully it will not be too late if he does.

Very tough blow to the Knicks who now have to dig a little bit deeper to finish this season strong and to put themselves into good playoff positioning.