Lin to Start

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I’ve had the chance to watch the Nets game a few times since Saturday and I shared some thoughts on Lin’s performance on twitter. I like Taylor’s observation here…

What impressed me most about Lin was his ability to change his game on the fly. When New Jersey switched their defense to keep him out of the paint, he adjusted to jump shots. When those shots did not fall, Lin found a way to get back in the paint. Every time New Jersey switched defenses on Lin he counterpunched and that is what good NBA point guards do. His performance speaks volumes about his high basketball IQ and that is a great sign for the Knicks.

His change of pace ability and ability to read the defense is obviously a great combination that can counteract his overall lack of foot speed. I’m not comparing him to Ricky Rubio, but if you watch Rubio enough you see a change of pace and ability to get below the foul line and creating action towards the basket. The amazing thing about Rubio is that he CAN score but defenses expects him to pass first and he STILL can make easy plays for his teammates. Lin did the same for Amar’e Stoudemire the other night on occasion. I look forward to seeing if Lin can continue playing well with his growing confidence.