No Surprise Here: Vince Carter To Be Bought Out

via Arizona Republic

“They (the Phoenix Suns) won’t trade Vince Carter’s contract, opting instead to buy him out for $4 million in the coming days.”

I saw some of the fans chatting about this in the previous thread, so I figured I’d throw up the post.

First of all, this is not surprising in the least.  Carter getting bought out of the final season of his contract was almost a foregone conclusion once the season ended.  Carter simply is not a max player anymore.  Not even close.

Second, while this is draft week, we all should keep in mind that free agency will play the biggest role in restructuring this roster for next season.  With the Big 3 in place, the Knicks have to hope that their presence can lure other veteran talent to the Big Apple on the cheap.  Can Carter be one of those veterans?  Perhaps.  We all know that Carter is not the same player he was even two years ago.  We all know that Carter was never a great defender, and now at 34, we should not expect to see improvements.  We also know that Carter has slowed down considerably and has become more inconsistent from game to game scoring the basketball.
With that said, the Knicks have a major need at the 2.  Carter, while not a great deep shooter, has range on his jumper still.  He is also a good passer and someone who for all the shots he has taken in his career, can be a player to set up his teammates for good looks.
Now I happen to be a big Carter fan, but it is only common sense to know that the Knicks need talent and they need it from wherever they can get it.  Who is to say that Carter, who averaged 14 ppg last season, can not get himself into better shape for next season and come out balling again?  Carter has never won a title, and perhaps he can see NY as a viable option to continue on his quest while seeing starter minutes.  Would he be willing to take a Shaq- Boston Celtics type of deal for a chance to play in NY?   Depending on the dollars, I would consider Carter.  As discussed on this site before, I would also consider former sharp-shooter Michael Redd depending on his knees.
Overall, Carter is not the ideal choice for this team.  At this point, he is not the caliber shooter or defender I am sure the Knicks would like to have.  But the ideal option might not be available or might be too pricey in the end for the Knicks to bring aboard.