Sources: Knicks Looking to Add J.R. Smith

Tommy Dee

And before you tell me they have to wait until March, I see you, however just read this first via the Wall Street Journal as it relates to Smith’s contract in China written by their Bejing reporter.

Sam Vincent, a retired NBA player who is serving as Smith’s personal coach during his stay in China, said the argument has since been resolved, and that the two sides have worked out some compromises on Smith’s living conditions.

It remains to be seen whether the NBA players here will seek ways to get out of their contracts—but it’s unlikely. That’s because the CBA offered no opt-out provisions: Players who signed with their teams would be contractually obligated to play for a full season, which extends into March. Zhao, the Golden Bulls’ general manager, said Smith’s contract with the team includes provisions for the Golden Bulls to be compensated if he doesn’t complete the season. He declined to give financial details. Smith couldn’t be reached for comment.

Multiple sources have told TKB that the Knicks would love to and are actively looking to add the former Nuggets’ sharpshooter to help their backcourt woes, as well as others. The team feels that with Smith and Baron Davis in the mix it would allow them to look to make other roster moves and move guards Toney Douglas and Iman Shumpert off the bench. Where that leaves Landry Fields is anyone’s guess.  It would also give the team plenty of time to come together before it gets to late in a season that has them at 6-7 on the season and a sputtering young unit in the backcourt struggling with confidence.

The Knicks can offer their pro-rated combination of their room exemption and vet minimum, or slightly less than $2.5 million. (Thanks Dan.)

Stay tuned.