The Key?

To me, Chris Bosh has always been the key to this whole thing. Reports are coming out that the Cavs and Raptors are talking sign and trade.

But when has this not been the case? It hasn’t been the case because  it was reported earlier that Bosh to Miami was a “done deal.” In this game there is no such thing.

Ultimately, it comes down to this. If Bosh wants major money he has to accept a sign and trade. In order for him to go to Cleveland, there has to be a salary match, meaning the Cavs strip themselves of players on their roster. Are the Raptors really pumped about a Jamison/Mo Williams situation for example? Maybe if Isiah Thomas were running them (sorry Zeke)…but logically I can’t see that. Do the Raptors want Michael Beasley? Not from what I’m gathering.

What about the Nets? Interesting. They are a possibility. Can Bosh and Lebron end up in Newark? Again, that’s a big wild card still in play.

Chicago? Well, if the Heat strike out with a big can Wade stay in South Beach?

Again, with Amar’e out of the mix, the market on bigs now has a brighter spotlight. It’s Bosh’s move…as it’s always seemed to be.

Also, for a great article on the Amar’e/Bosh debate, head to CBSsportsline…