There needs to be a lot of Adjustments

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It means that over the remaining nine games of the regular season, D’Antoni if he even wants to stay needs to figure out how to coach Anthony a lot better than he has. It means that he has to change his system to fit his talent, because the best coaches always have to do that….

After the Knicks lost to the Bucks Friday night, Anthony talked about D’Antoni’s offense and said it was “something I have to adjust to.”

No. In this case, the coach has to adjust to him.

You coach to your talent. You coach the team you have, not the team you had. I like Mike D’Antoni, and his best teams have been a lot of fun to watch. But ultimately the job of an NBA coach is to create double-teams, not be constantly victimized by them. So they can still swing the ball around on the outside the way they did before, but their best chance to create double-teams is to pound the ball in to Anthony and Stoudemire a lot closer to the basket.

Put it another way: Nobody gutted the team so that Toney Douglas could get more time and more shots.

The Knicks, despite the way they are playing, still should be better off with Anthony than without him. He is one of the best scorers in his sport, up there with anybody you care to mention, and didn’t suddenly forget how to score the ball. But the Knicks are no longer built to shoot fast. They’re just not. With the talent they have on the court now, they are getting killed in transition when the shots stop falling.

Again, people have selective memories. The pre-trade team wasn’t always fun to watch. That’s an exaggeration.

The Knicks get killed in transition because no one has ball responsibility. Stopping the progress of the basketball doesn’t happen until well past half court. Watch the first clip early in the first quarter. What on earth is Shawne Williams doing? He switched on the screener for absolutely no reason and forgot to tell Stoudemire, who lost site of the ball. This is March. How does this happen? And they wonder why they give up 60 points in the first half?

Carmelo got killed by Stephen Jackson,  but why not put Derrick Brown on the court, someone who probably guarded him every day in practice then move Melo on the slow footed Diaw?

Yes, this is no secret to anyone around here and no it isn’t news to me. But this defense is worse than it’s ever been and that’s a scary thought this late in the season.

The Feels band
The Feels band

I hope they stop sitting Puello now and he starts picking it up. 

Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly

@The Feels But the ultimate motivator knows what he's doing. Sitting prospects for old has been's and never going to be's is the smart way to motivate a prospect.

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