Thoughts on Redd and Murphy

Rumors have been swirling about interest in injured guard Michael Redd, who you’d have to think is licking his chops to want to get to NY to play in this system, if healthy.

And that’s a huge if. Redd has had leg issues over the past two seasons and it’s safe to say he’s lost a step. To come back and play at this speed in this league at his age is asking a lot. I haven’t heard about his health, but if he’s not signed yet that is a major red flag.

The same can be said for Troy Murphy, who worked out for the Lakers yesterday. He’s another player who simply hasn’t had the reps over the past few seasons and reps are what keep NBA players relevant. I would have thought Murphy would have been a perfect fit for the Celtics last year and he didn’t click for whatever reason. That question mark is another red flag for me.

I do know that the Knicks have to have something planned to add depth because they are scary thin. What that plan is I have no idea.