To Play Or Not To Play: An All-Star Question

When Ray Felton got passed over for an All-Star seat, I’ll admit I was a bit relieved. Yes it’s an honor to get the nod.  Yes it’s fun to see your players on the floor, running, jumping and dunking all over the place.

But at the end of the day, players who don’t participate this weekend get a solid 4,5 days off from basketball.  They get to ice their knees at home.  They get to lounge around on the couch and spend some quality time with the family.  They get a mental and physical Spring Break.

So with Amar’e showing signs of fatigue – enough that he sat out last weekend in a must-win game in New Jersey – what do you want him to do this weekend?  Do you want him standing tall and representing New York on the floor?  Do you want him to rest up instead of worrying about a meaningless exhibition game?  Is being voted in enough of an honor or does gunning for MVP mean something more?

I recognize how stupid the All-Star game is relative to a healthy stretch run, but I can’t shake my itch to see Amar’e throw it down a few (or twelve) times Sunday night. Assuming he is healthy enough to go on Wednesday, I want the guy to play, to dominate, to salute the LA fans after stuffing Pau, and to raise a MVP trophy by night’s end.

I know it’s counterproductive to the bigger picture, but I can’t help it.  I’m a fan who wants to watch his best player be the best on a big stage.  I know a nice long break would do Amar’e and the Knicks good, but I want to see him out there.

But, sometimes I’m an idiot.  Maybe this is one of those times?

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