Two Schools of Thought

Well, actually three.

Twitter has been on fire around this whole Chris Paul thing and, yes, I believe the NBA, who is controlling ownership of the Hornets, wants this thing over with quick.

WHO the Knicks have to offer, to me, is meaningless. HOW a deal will work itself out remains to be seen. Remember, the Knicks didn’t have the assets for Melo in the world of media.

Does this roster need a capable big man? Yes. Does Dwight Howard make more sense from a pure basketball perspective? 100%

But the Knicks signed for this, and by this I mean a lack of depth, when the made the Melo deal. So let that go immediately. Unless, of course, you want to compete hard this year and spend Chauncey’s contract on depth next year.

But in order for that to be the case you have to be pretty damn sure that Melo/Amar’e and depth > the HEAT.

Because with the 3 stars on the roster you’re looking at team that will win at least 55 games every year and be a top-tier home court advantage playoff team.

Of course, one can argue and oppose the other, which is why I love this hobby.