Amar'e Rumors "Real"; Billups To Be Amnestied?

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Heard that…

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Source tells TKB that Billups WILL in fact be amnestied, not traded, should a deal with Chandler go down. Also, we’ve learned that the Knicks have been in contact with the Hornets involving Amar’e and Chris Paul. Source calls a deal “low percentage.”

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All indications on my end is that they won’t amnesty Billups, but nothing confirmed.


Source tells TKB that it “sounds like” Baron Davis will be amnestied and the Knicks are “in the mix” for him as a PG option.

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So things have seemed to have quieted down. I can confirm several things. First, Golden State has seemingly moved on. Secondly, not only is Billups just learning about this, he has not been told that he’ll be going to a contender. Nothing else to report at this time, but I will say I will be pissed if they deal Amar’e. Dude brought the city back and held it down first.

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I spoke to several people with knowledge and I can say this. Golden State truly believes they are getting Chandler at 4 years 60 million as of this morning. Right now a source tells me that the Knicks won’t amnesty Billups. It would have to be a trade.

If the Knicks land Chandler, the Knicks can say goodbye to Paul seemingly. Do they then focus on getting another PG?