Why Anthony Randolph Should Start Out of The Gate

The following is a guest piece from avid TKB reader and huge Knicks fan, Zachary Story.

Since being left standing at the alter by “He Who Shall Not Be Named” our beloved Knickerbockers have made a series of intriguing moves this summer, one of which was the sign and trade of David Lee to Golden State, that brought Ronny Turiaf, Anthony Randolph, and Kelenna Azubuike to the Big Apple.. Kudos to Donnie Walsh on that one…

Much of what I have been hearing out of the Knicks camp since the deal though, is that Anthony Randolph the prize possession in the deal, who i believe to have the most upside of any player on our team will be coming off the bench as the teams 6th or 7th man, with Ronny Turiaf starting at center and Amare at the 4 or vice versa… Now you might think Im crazy when I say this.. but I truly believe that for the Knicks to try and make that jump into the East’s elite they must utilize Randolph as a starter with Amar’e at center… Here are some reasons

1) I think that if Randolph comes off the bench, he could easily get lost in Dantoni’s infamous “Rotation”, which i think as Knicks fans (and Larry Hughes) know is not a good thing..

2) I think Randolph’s run and gun style of play, will definitely benefit Dantoni’s uptempo offense rather than a less mobile Turiaf out there..

3) Confidence… This guy rides off confidence ever since he was at LSU, and to be out there having your named called in the starting lineup, in the world best city, with the worlds best fans, would be a great start

4) He would also take some pressure off of Amar’e, with another threat down low in the post, and i think the fact that he can run the floor will benefit Felton and continue to aid Tony Douglas, in the hopes of one day being a starting point guard in this league..

5) I’m not a huge supporter of this reason but…. Randolph could definitely boost his trade value in which he could possibly become the center piece of a deal for Carmelo, which I believe the Knicks are now no longer the front runner or the second option of the Nuggets.

This is a very opinionated post, and of course i know there are just as many reasons as to why this guy should probably come off the bench.. But i truly believe in my heart that he should be on the floor during tip off against the Raptors for the season opener… Now let the debating begin…