Without Phil, Does Odom Still Make Sense?

Thanks Jim Cavan 

But if Odom – born and raised in Queens and by all accounts fully fond of his native city – is willing to do what Baron Davis did and sign for the veteran’s minimum, it will be another coup for a Knicks front office once again trying to thread the eye of the salary needle.

As for the actual roster, and Odom’s potential role therein, the fit could not be more ideal. At 6 feet 10 inches, Odom is a veritable Swiss army knife of skills and strengths, all of which the Knicks could use. As the first forward off the bench, Odom would be the perfect plug-in for Amar’e Stoudemire, while giving the second unit – marshaled as it very well could be by the enigmatic Toney Douglas – a second reliable ball handler through which myriad halfcourt sets could be run. Couple that with serviceable rebounding and defense, and a long-renowned passing prowess, particularly out of the post, you have a player whose versatility and dynamism could do wonders for a top-heavy team pining for depth.

The Odom discussion started here, and I would have made him a shoe-in with Phil. I stand by my opinion that Phil and Odom would have made the Knicks a 50 plus win team. Does Odom make sense in Woodson’s system? I don’t know. His strengths are around the rim and in transition. He plays well off of stars and is incredibly selfless. I think those skills translate. As far as any realistic veteran free agent, to me, Odom is the by far the best available.

But does he choose NY over LA without Phil?