2012 Rewind- Melo Handles Bulls at MSG

Tommy Dee

This game was on NBA TV yesterday and got me pumped for the NBA season. What you have to love most about this game is the variety and all around dominance of Melo’s game. Granted, Amar’e was out which still begs the question of can they perform together, but I feel like too many fans who criticize Melo don’t use games like this as an example. In the beginning he was curling and taking mid range shots. Not many “dump in and hold” isolation situations. A few pick and rolls with Chandler as well.

Also, he did well to get Landry Fields some easy baskets. Then when the team needed him him in the 4th quarter he delivered. Hopefully Woodson can get Melo into more of these situations and Melo can respond. The Knicks are going to need consistent big performances if they want to win the division.

Kevin James in a fedora is also entertaining.