Breaking: Third team may be involved

Tommy Dee

TKB confirms the ESPN report that Crawford for Harrington has been sent to the league.

Update 1:00-

If the ESPN report is true, the Crawford-Harrington swap may be a separate deal entirely.

…Andrew Smith writes….

Update: 12:30 – Andrew Marchand of ESPN Radio is reporting that ESPN’s Marc Stein is confirming a 1-for-1 deal of Jamal Crawford for Al Harrington. Marchand reports that a GM in the league does not believe that the Clippers are involved.

Take this with a grain of salt for now… Stein is reliable, but this is just what was reported on 1050 ESPN Radio. More to come…..

Update: 12:08– Just heard that Marco Belinelli and Malik Rose are getting tossed in the mix. This is getting crazy…..

Daily News and SNY’s Frankie “Ice” Isola on the case….

Update 12:00 High noon and still no announcement, but we’ve talked to several people close to the situation at it seems that Crawford feels he is a goner. It appears at the very least that Crawford will go for Harrington if said 3-way falls through. I can’t believe the Warriors would want Rose for Harrington.

Also, if the Clips land Randolph look for them to move Chris Kaman at some point, maybe to the Bobcats for Gerald Wallace.

Update 11:15ESPN RealGM Trade Checker is useful.

Update 10:38- The players involved in a possible 3-way are Zach Randolph, Mardy Collins and Jamal Crawford and are rumored to be getting Mobley, Harrington and Tim Thomas.

The deal is rumored to be done by noon eastern, yet we just can’t seem to add everything up if the Knicks are giving up 23 million (roughly) with Crawford, Randolph and Collins and are getting back $24 million, where is the money from GS coming?

TKB has learned through sources that the hold up to the trade may be that a third team is getting involved, we’re hearing the Clippers, in the Harrington deal, hence why it hasn’t been made official yet.

Details are sketchy but this could have major salary cap implications for the Knicks.

Still no word if that team doesn’t get involved whether it’s Crawford or Rose.