Chris Duhon May Like to Party All the Time

To steal a song from Eddie Murphy, Frank Isola touches on something I mentioned on The WheelHouse the other day, that Chris Duhon enjoys to party a little too much, dating back to his days at Duke.

According to a source, Duhon’s partying dates back to his days at Duke when he would sleep at head coach Mike Krzyzewski‘s house to avoid the temptation of going out on the town.

“He’s a good kid and he can play, but his lifestyle worries me,” said one of Duhon’s former coaches who did not want to be identified.

I stated that he was suspended in 2007 by then-head coach Scott Skiles for missing practice, claiming he had overslept. Is it possible that he had Jerome James’ wake up service? Hey, give James credit, at least he got wasted on New Year’s.

Listen, if you play at Duke you’re a king, so enjoy yourself. No one would ever begrudge anyone for getting/giving lap dances from/to co-eds. Heck, one great story we heard was on Halloween at a UNC frat party several years ago, some tall dude in a mask was destroying everyone at beer pong, not missing a cup. At the end of the night the guy takes off the mask and it’s J.J. Redick and the place went nuts.

But, if you let the bottle get in the way of a basketball career, one that can be taken away in an instant (see Bobby Hurley and Jay Williams, neither alcohol related), you’d think that a Duke guy would be smarter and learn that you don’t mess up your career with booze.

If a coach is worried, then we should be too, and so should a Tar Heel Blue-bleeding GM, whose been hired to redefine the image of a scandal-stained organization. Maybe D’Antoni and Coach K have talked about it in preparing for the Olympics, and maybe his troubles are past him, but January 2007 wasn’t that long ago.

The Magic are offering $10 million for three years, we’re offering $7 for two, so Walsh should stay firm and let the kid take his money. We’ll settle for Arroyo if we have to.

With that kind of money Duhon is sure to be a big star at all the ale houses in Central Florida.

We have a reputation to restore.

Oh, and I can’t resist posting the Eddie Murphy/Rick James video…