Gloomy, Uncertain, In Clear Conflict…

Words we all wished had passed this team over, I’m sure.

But the reality of the situation is that as the All-Star break approaches, this is where we sit.  Smack dab in the middle of what has extended into a 6-year rebuilding project,  there is a single underlying choice that this team needs to confront.

The NY Times‘ Howard Beck has a good article that sums up the Knicks and the crossroads that the team and its management is at:

“The Knicks’ present is gloomy, their future uncertain, and their short- and long-term goals in clear conflict. Call it an unfortunate but necessary side effect of rebuilding.

“But there are 32 games to play first, and priorities to clarify: Do the Knicks want to make the playoffs at any cost? Or will they focus on developing their young core of Gallinari, Chandler, Jordan Hill and Toney Douglas? It is an internal debate that has been brewing for two years.

Beck does a great job with this article, and I encourage you all to read it in its entirety.

The issue at hand is nothing new to us Knicks faithful.  We have been wrought with this internal conflict for a couple years now, and only because the Summer of Dreams is slowly becoming a reality must we revisit it with such an honest dialogue.

But it is a question worth repeating.

What do the Knicks do at this juncture.  Do we “play for next year” or do we continue to give our slowly fading playoff hopes as much support as possible, no matter who it might come from…