Greg Oden Out for Season

Greg Oden fractured his patella tonight against the Houston Rockets.  It is believed that this injury will keep the 7 footer out for the remainder of this season.

Before I jump into the Eddy Curry to Portland thought, let me first say that I would be shocked if Curry is dealt before he can prove his injuries are behind him.  Why would the Blazers trade for Curry if he cannot get on the court?

That said, I do think there will be various rumors in the next few days involving these two teams.  With rumors that Andre Miller might be moved and with rumors that Portland has been looking for an athletic forward, perhaps a swap of Jared Jeffries and Andre Miller can form the basis of a potential deal.  Especially with Oden out now, Jeffries can play the 5 alongside Aldrige.  If not, then he can also come off the bench and fill in at multiple positions.  As for the Knicks, Andre Miller would be an upgrade over Chris Duhon, and he is under contract for next season.  I know this does not help alleviate the cap situation, but in my opinion, spending 7 million on Miller, who would likely be our starting PG through next season, would be a wiser use of capital than paying Jeffries close to 7 million.  But that is just me.

The other name to watch is David Lee, a player that has been linked to Portland for over a year now.  Clearly, the Knicks would be in a position to ask for a nice package from the Blazers.  Would Kevin Pritchard be desperate enough to part with Rudy Fernandez now? Have the Blazers throw in a future first rounder and perhaps even Patrick Mills or Dante Cunningham, and maybe Walsh would be inclined to make a move.

Anyway, before I create an uproar, I want to reiterate that this is purely speculation on my part.  There are likely to be other trade options available for the Blazers to fill that hole.