I 'Aint Afraid Of No Ghosts…

…but apparently, some of the Knicks are.

Via the Daily News:

“The Knicks were afraid, very afraid. And it had nothing to do with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“For two days, several players had trouble sleeping because they were convinced that their downtown hotel is haunted.

“I definitely believe it,” Jared Jeffries said. “The place is haunted. It’s scary.”

“Eddy Curry claims he slept for only two hours Sunday night because he couldn’t stop thinking about ghosts roaming the hotel.

“They said it happened on the 10th floor and I’m the only one staying on the 10th floor,” Curry said. “That’s why I spent most of my time in (Nate Robinson’s) room. I definitely believe there are ghosts in that hotel.”

I’d have been more afraid of Durant and Westbrook running circles around us…at least there is proof that that happened