Jarrett Jack to the Raptors

Jarrett Jack has reportedly signed an offer sheet of 4 years and $20 million, according to ESPN.com.  Jack, who torched the Knicks last season, averaged 13 ppg, 3.4 rpg, and 4.1 apg in over 33 mpg.  Jack is only 25 years old.

Jack is a nice player.  I liked him in college and I thought he was heavily overshadowed by his ACC mate, Chris Paul.  However, Jack is a good guard in his own right.  Personally, I think he is more of a scorer than a distributor, but I think he is more capable of playing the point than are other small “combo” guards like Nate or Ben Gordon.  He is not in that type of class.

But before there is an outcry for Jack, keep in mind that he is not an ideal starting PG, and I certainly do not think he is a $5 million player.

His numbers as a starter are quite impressive though.  I will admit that.  Check out his splits here.  He really played well down the stretch for the Pacers, who have the right to match this offer.

If he ends up in Toronto, this is a good move for the Raptors.  Unlike the Knicks who are trying to build a team to attract a big free agent next summer, the Raptors have a big free agent that they are trying to keep next summer.  Players like Jack, Turkoglu, Antoine Wright, and the Bargnani extension should give Bosh the inclination that the Raptors are trying to get better and that they are trying to win with him.

For the Knicks to have offered that type of deal to Jack, they would have tied up an extra $5 million in cap space for next summer on a player that is coming off a career year.  Again, he is a good player.  Again, he had a great year last year.  But really, is he the guy we want leading this team in the future?  Is he the floor general that we need?  This type of move would have had the Knicks paying big money to a potentially mediocre player.

Andre Miller, if he actually finds his way here, would be a much safer and smarter move in my opinion.  With Miller, you know what you are going to get, even if it is only for 3 years.  Miller is proven.  He has been one of the better and most underrated PGs in the league for quite some time.  Signing Jack would have bee an attempt to find a diamond in the rough.  There is less guessing and less hoping with Miller.  He’ll give you 14-15 ppg and 7-8 apg in 35 mpg every night.  You can pretty much take that to the bank.