Milicic Back To Europe Next Year

According to the Fanhouse, Darko Milicic figures to be heading back to Europe to continue his career.

To be honest, I am not really sure what happened to the big man this season.  I for one thought he played well enough to have a spot in the rotation, especially considering he is the only big man that we have on the roster who can hold his own in the paint defensively.  Think about all of the games where the Knicks were dominated in the paint.  Milicic never got the chance to stop the bleeding. 

Again, it seems like simple logic to me for Milicic to have played in some of those games.  If you get killed in the paint, then why not put your best interior defender in to help?  I am not an NBA coach, so perhaps I shouldn’t speak to this subject, but for some reason I think he could have helped.

Oh well. 

Well actually, I guess the reason why Milicic doesn’t see any time is the simple fact that the Knicks are too good of a team to be able to give a 24 year old 7 footer a chance.  That must be the reason.  The same probably goes for our lottery pick Jordan Hill.