Mills Mock Draft V1

1 – Los Angeles Clippers – Blake Griffin

They are not dumb enough to screw this up.

2 – Memphis Grizzlies – Hasheem Thabeet

They are dumb enough to screw this up.

3 – Oklahoma City Thunder – James Harden

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Rubio is a great prospect but Russell Westbrook fits in well with that Thunder team, and there’s no need to move him off the ball.

4 – Sacramento Kings – Ricky Rubio

Beno Udrih is terrible, so Rubio dropping to 4 would be a godsend for the Kings.

5 – Washington Wizards – Jordan Hill

He would go nicely with Javale McGee and Andray Blatche.  This would also allow them to trade Antawn Jamison this Summer.

6- Minnesota Timberwolves – Demar Derozan

Derozan is an incredible prospect who some scouts compare to Vince Carter when he came out of Chapel Hill.  Carter didn’t have much of a jump shot either, but he developed one.  Derozan is a two way player, who is a freakish athlete and has the ability to be a prototypical shooting guard for many years.  Plus, he can play the 3, because the Corey Brewer pick has not panned out.

7 – Golden State Warriors – Brandon Jennings

It just seems right.  Nellie can have Monta Ellis play off the ball, and Jennings has the quickness and passing ability to run that offense.

8 – New York Knicks – Jrue Holiday

I love Stephen Curry, but Jrue Holiday is going to be a star.  Picking Holiday would require some patience, because he is still a prospect.  The same patience that Walsh exhibited when selecting Danilo Gallinari over Jerryd Bayless and DJ Augustin.

9 –Toronto Raptors – Tyreke Evans

Evans is a long 6’6 shooting guard, who may be able to play the point.  He has a good handle, some good passing abilities, great athleticism, questionable shot selection tendencies, and a suspect jump shot.  He would be a nice replacement for Anthony Parker and Shawn Marion. 

10 – Milwaukee Bucks – Jonny Flynn

Ramon Sessions will probably leave in free agency, and the Bucks need a replacement point guard.  Stephen Curry might get a look here, but I think Flynn has more upside, and he plays with a lot of swagger.

11 – New Jersey Nets – Earl Clark

The Nets want a tough rebounding big here, and one would immediately think of James Johnson or Dejuan Blair.  But I think that Earl Clark is a much better fit.  Clark has been compared to Shawn Marion.  He’s a great rebounder, and a very good shooter, with defensive abilities and a ton of versatility.  

12 – Charlotte Bobcats – Gerald Henderson

A defensive minded shooting guard with a ton of upside who hustles and plays hard every night.  If you look up a Larry Brown type of player in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of Gerald Henderson.

13 – Indiana Pacers – Stephen Curry

If the Knicks don’t take him, he’ll drop down to here.  Jarret Jack is a free agent, so I can see Jim O’Brien splitting point guard minutes between TJ Ford and Curry.

14 – Phoenix Suns – Eric Maynor

The most NBA ready guard in the draft, Maynor will be a great replacement for Steve Nash when he gets traded to the Knicks this Summer…