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What I don’t understand is, why do people think that the Knicks are putting all of their eggs in the “2010 basket”? Last time I checked the money isn’t disappearing after 2010. It’s called flexibility, and Donnie Walsh has given the Knicks immense amounts of it. Firstly, Tracy McGrady may be able to still play at a high level. We’ll find that out over the next 29 games. If he can, then that’s just a bonus, because we all remember the T-Mac in Orlando and Houston, and if he can play at any level similar to that, then we are in for a treat. Is that realistic? According to Tracy, probably not, but if he can play anywhere near the way he played in 07-08, he will fit right into this system. Either way, he’s an awesome passer, one of the best passing forwards in NBA history. Believe that he’ll be setting up Gallo quite often.

Secondly, Sergio Rodriguez is better than Chris Duhon, so the Knicks have a point guard. He isn’t a great shooter, but he’s a great passer and he’s good in the open court. Is he the answer for the future? I’m not sure about that, but he’s only 23 years old, and the Knicks will have plenty of time to judge him. He’s a restricted free agent this summer, and he’s not getting paid much, so it shouldn’t be very hard for the Knicks to retain him if that’s what they choose to do.

And then obviously the cap space. I don’t get how $30 million dollars to spend can possibly be a bad thing. People seem to think that if the Knicks strike out in free agency, it’s over. Again, the flexibility doesn’t go away after this off season. The Knicks can always trade for players, or sign free agents in 2011 and 2012. Some fans seem to think that homegrown talent is the only way to go. Sure, Kobe, Bird, Jordan, and Magic were all drafted by the teams they had the most success with, but there has never been a free agent class like this. The beef some fans have with giving up picks is understanable but you have to realize that draft picks aren’t as essential when you’re good. The Mavericks gave the Nets a ton of draft picks for an aging Jason Kidd, and they’re competing in the West now, so I don’t think they regret that at all, while Devin Harris’ Nets are 5-50. If the Knicks are in the top five of the lottery in 2012, Walsh and D’antoni don’t deserve to have a job with the Knicks. And if the Knicks and Rockets are both good in 2011, the swapping of the picks won’t be that consequential.

Marc Spears made the joke that the Knicks are going to be overpaying for mediocre talent just to fill out their roster. I can almost guarantee that Walsh is not that dumb. Again, I never knew that Walsh had to spend all of the money this summer. Just because he has all of the money, doesn’t mean he has to spend it all, and it also doesn’t mean he has to overpay for the likes of Rudy Gay etc. And in terms of Jordan Hill, I liked him, but not that much. Including him wasn’t a deal breaker for me. He fits in well with Houston, and I wish him all the best, but choosing between him and a marquee free agent is a no-brainer. At the end of the day, Walsh made the right deal, regardless of where Lebron ends up this off season. Walsh gave the Knicks flexibility, and allowed the franchise to start over from scratch. Now they can do whatever they want in terms of trades and signings, and he came out of the deal with a point guard and a former scoring champ. This was not an Isiah Thomas move; this was not impulsive. We followed for days and heard reports about Walsh’s patience, and ultimately, he came to the conclusion that this deal was best for the franchise and the franchise’s future.

John Silver
John Silver

Thanks for comment guys. Two points, I am just reading everything coming out of Provo and I am unsure at suspensions, players hurt, or not. Secondly, I think the honor code is terrific. When you go to BYU part of the experience is living up to that standard. If players didn't buy into that, they wouldn't go to school there. I find character building admirable. I can only report what I read. 

As a reporter for a newspaper, not every story you write has *zing*. The boss tells you to write a story about something and you do your best to come up with something. I'm sure he did his research. Though my beat is things here in Pocatello Idaho, I sometimes write about BYU as well. 

BYU quarterback Taysom Hill is from Pocatello so I've watched him since he was 12. Great kid, unbelievable wheels, at this point average accuracy. Look up "happy feet" and you'll find a picture of Taysom. UConn fans should know he chose to go to Stanford before leaving on his LDS 2-year church mission. But while he was away, the coach took the San Francisco 49ers position and the new Stanford head coach wanted him to come back early from his mission. You just don't ask an LDS kid to do that. 

Hence BYU.

We think there is going to be more suspensions for the UConn game, maybe 3-4. But we'll find out when the Cougars take the field and not before. Also, after going East and falling flat on their face in their first game against Virginia last year, I think they will be ready for the Huskies.

Here is a link to the story I wrote about him last fall after he destroyed his home town Idaho State Bengals (though one of your local high school teams could do that too).

Best of luck this year. The UConn football story is a good one.

This is nothing more than an article fishing for something to write about.  Taysom is healthy and strong as an ox, the coaches are just being wise and following good BSA principles "Be Prepared".  Blackmon was obviously tongue in cheek and a little bit of research ( sheds some light on the subject.  Earrings are a violation, sure but they are not enough to warrant suspension.  Is football here yet so we can stop reading these phishing articles and get on with some real content?

And regarding Blackmon, even if it was just ear rings (which would sound stupid for most teams) he agreed to live by BYU's rules, even if some do appear to be stupid rules. Coaches who enforce team rules have more discipline and success...look at Texas' Charlie Strong.

Nothing is wrong with Taysom. But as a running quarterback who was injured two seasons ago (look at the knee brace that he still wears for precaution) there is a higher chance that he could go down, hence the need for an experience backup. Ammon Olsen (the previous 2nd string) and Billy Green both left for different teams a couple months ago, so Christian Stewart needs as many reps as he can get to bring him up to #2.

I know Blackmon tweeted that he was suspended for wearing earrings, but as a BYU alum, along with wife and children, who all lived under the honor code, I can guarantee you he did not get suspended simply for wearing earrings! Since the school won't comment on it, everyone is going off that one tweet - on an account that was shut down the next day. There is absolutely more to it than that but we may never know 'the rest of the story.' 

That is right. He said I am suspended, I guess I shouldn't wear earrings. He didn't say what else he did. But as a BYU alum, I agree with this comment -- it must be more than just earrings. It will be ok, he'll be a better man for owning up to commitments, and BYU will have plenty of reserves at that position.