Next Step NY?

Frank Isola is adding pieces to a deal that would bring two ex-Suns back in exchange for Eddy Curry and David Lee. Last week he mentioned a possible Lee for Boris Diaw swap, now he notes that Lee and Curry perfectly match Diaw and Raja Bell.

It makes some of sense, Charlotte had been interested in Lee earlier in the year and should be willing to take on Curry’s contract and a chance on a guy who did play well under Larry Brown. They have decent balance and if they could add depth up front they could be fun to watch. However, Donnie Walsh has not set the precedent on salaries after 2010 and Diaw’s goes until 2012. That said you wouldn’t have to extend Lee, and you take Curry off the roster, so you actually will be saving money with the $14 million per year.

For some reason bringing in role players from other teams creeps me out. What can I say, I have Post Shandon and Eisley Tramatic Stress Disorder.

I’m sold that Diaw is that big of a fit, but I really like Bell, who is a supreme defender who can make shots at the two something this team desperately needs.  Five straight years of well-over 40% from behind the arc.