Our Kingdom For A Point Guard?

Myles said it perfectly last week: Chris Duhon simply isn’t getting it done.  His spotty and unreliable play is costing the Knicks dearly. There is no other player who has as much of a direct effect on the team’s overall nightly performance than Duhon.

The NY Post agrees:

“Just as he did last winter and again earlier this season, Chris Duhon has fallen into a funk and taken the Knicks offense with him.

“He’s got to get his legs back,” D’Antoni said. “He loses confidence easily. He just needs to get over it. It’s a tough period right now. It happened to him last year.”

Duhon’s problematic play is hard to ignore.  Last year I wrote a post in defence of Duhon’s second half play.  I argued that as a career backup, his legs didn’t know how to play a full season as a starter.  I opined that at this time this year, things would be different — Duhon would remember his dip in production, and would work all offseason to make sure it didn’t happen again.

Guess not.

So what do we do for today?  Myles made a good point about giving Nate the ball. I am not Nate’s biggest supporter, and I worry that after a couple of good games, Robinson would regress into his turnover-prone and defensive-less self.  That said, Duhon can’t go on this way, and I’m not sure the Knicks have any other realistic option.  Toney Douglas hasn’t gotten the burn for me to really argue why he is a better fit, although I’d surely back him if the coach made such a decision.

But even if inserting Nate as the starting PG makes sense for the short / long run in 2010, it is hard to imagine a guy who spent more than a dozen games in the coach’s DNP doghouse strolling out as the quarterback of the future after this season.  So, what to do we for tomorrow? Duhon can’t be trusted (fool me twice…shame on me, right?). Nate is unlikely to be back in a Knicks jersey. Toney Douglas hasn’t shined brightly enough in his limited play to be considered a general waiting in the wing.

So, where do Mike D and Donnie Walsh turn now?  Where do they look for their future leader?  What options out there are the most appealing?  Without a draft pick, and with most major FAs filling other positions on the roster, I ask all of you — what can the Knicks do between now and next summer to sure up their PG situation for the next few years?