Talent Still Available… Especially At Guard

Now that the draft has come to pass, it is time to sort through the remains and to find perhaps a diamond in the rough.

Some undrafted free agents include:

Sherron Collins – Bringing in this guy is a no brainer in my opinion.  I am sure questions about his conditioning and nagging injuries during pre-draft workouts hurt him, but look no further than how he competed at Kansas to justify giving him a shot.

Jon Scheyer – In  all honesty, I like Scheyer more than I like Rautins.  Both are similar players, but to me, Scheyer is the better player, even if Rautins is the better pure shooter.  Scheyer would be perfect for this team. 

Brian Zoubek – The Knicks like his size and his ability to clog the lanes and rebound.  He can find a home here in NY if he is willing to do dirty work and rebound.

Jerome Randle

Mikhail Torrance

Sylven Landesberg

Feel free to post other UDFAs in this thread.

As for the picks actually made, I guess we have to give these guys a shot, right?  But unless I am missing something, isn’t Fields another SF?

I have not reviwed the whole draft yet, but off the top of my head, I love what the Clippers (Aminu, Warren and Bledsoe), Spurs (James Anderson and Ryan Richards) and Celtics did.  I also like what the Wizards did with their picks.

Also, I think Ryan Gomes and Babbitt will have better years than Martell Webster next year.  Scratched my head on that one by the Wolves.