Walsh To Explore Trade Options With Trade Exceptions

According to Marc Berman of the NY Post, Donnie Walsh is going to explore trade options for a backup guard using the two trade options that he received from the Renaldo Balkman and Mardy Collins deals.  Berman claims that the exception figures to be in the $1 million range, or in the minimum wage vicinity.  Essentially we are talking about a player who is buried on another team’s bench that another team would be willing to give up for cap flexibility.

Truthfully, I am unsure on exactly how the trade exceptions work, especially considering that I do not know the full amount of the exception.  But that said, I looked around the league to find guards in the $1 million dollar range that are not finding minutes with current teams.  The best I could come up with are Marcus Williams (Golden State), Morris Almond (Utah), Shannon Brown (Charlotte), and Javaris Crittendon (Memphis).  Obviously I would like to have Crittendon the most, as he has the length to play the 2 but is a pure point.  I highly doubt that Memphis deals him for roster/ cap flexibility.  Marcus Williams, if the numbers work out, would be a good fit.  Williams is a point guard who I still believe has good talent and could thrive under D’Antoni.  For the trade exception, why not give him a whirl?  If Walsh decides that none of these options work, Smush Parker is hanging around in the D-League.  While not an ideal point guard, he does have legit NBA starting experience.  He also appears to be playing well in the D League so far this year.  Just a thought.