What Is Ray Ray's Worth?

There have been rumblings regarding Ray Allen’s availability, and despite some denials from Danny Ainge, where there is smoke, there is a good chance there is fire.

Ray Allen, the former UConn star, appears to be on the downside of his career, a career that has been nothing short of stellar.  Although he is still having a productive season, he is not the same threat that he once was back in his prime.

That said, Allen is a true professional and a strong veteran presence.  He, along with Kevin Garnett, formed an unbreakable core with Paul Pierce and helped bring perhaps the league’s most prestigious franchise out of the gutter and back into the upper echelon of the NBA.  No one will forget that about Allen.

However, good things cannot last forever.  Allen’s shooting has struggled recently and his defense has fallen off a bit.  With injuries plaguing Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, there is a good chance of the Celtics dangling one of their stars, who by the way possesses a very attractive, large expiring contract, with the hope of bringing in reinforcements.

I am not sure if the Knicks are necessarily a fit for Allen (I do think that the Celtics would have interest in Jared Jeffries and Nate Robinson, though), but it is possible.  Even with his declining skills, I feel that Allen’s mere presence would provide a positive boost for this team.

I happen to think that Allen can have major value around the league because his expiring deal and the Celtics’ win now attitude and ability to absorb a contract.

So, what is Ray Allen worth in your eyes?  Would you inquire on the former all-star?