Video: Randolph…A Closer Look

So just finished watching the game and there’s plenty to talk about. No, I don’t foul Prince with that much time up by three. Gallinari has to know that Prince is going left. That’s a lesson for him and he has to take it upon himself to know better. A quick score there is no problem (the foul was) they’d just have to knock down FTs in order to win the game in the 1st overtime. Defensively, you want them to get stops, which they didn’t, but all things considered that was a pretty gutty and character building performance on the road regardless if it took 50 something minutes from 4 players. The Knicks had to have this game.

That said, I want to focus on Anthony Randolph’s cameo. I saw some good things and some not so good things.

Here, several things to like. First, notice the amount of court he can cover defensively. From hedging at the top of the key (more like half court) to under the rim, his length is something that can be very useful in the half court. Granted, he was covering Greg Monroe who is equally trying to get his footing, but that’s a good matchup for him. By the end of his run, Randolph was trying to face up and guard Tracy McGrady and that matchup was exposed.

Randolph’s coverage led to a miss and a transition opportunity. He caught the ball in the corner and quickly moved it, which led to a wide open Felton 3.

As a trailer the next time down, he had a chance to make a play and went soft, fading from the rim. That shows a lack of leg strength that comes with not really playing at the NBA pace. If he were game strong, he’d catch and take it to the rim, or catch and spin drawing the big man (Monroe) and either finishing or passing to Amar’e. Obviously, the next time down that was a poor shot.

Nice job by Randolph to be patient in transition. He gets the ball to Amar’e and clears to the corner where he’s not really a big threat. Fortunately for the Knicks, Charlie Villanueva’s idea of help defense is trying to slap at the ball.

Another good effort from Randolph defensively. He sees the drive well and that presence causes an awkward angle pull up. He then does a nice job of freeing himself in transition, yet makes another weak move towards the basket and is bailed out by the official.

In his brief appearance it’s easy to see that Randolph is struggling with his offensive footwork and spots on the floor where he can be deemed a “threat.” That has an offensive-minded coach uneasy. Is he a five? A four? A three? That is unclear right now in this offense.

Defensively, he can guard slight 4s and can help off non-shooters. He has range and length.

But he’ll need more game reps to shape up his offensive skills and explosiveness. The question is….when does that happen?