Bucher: Lebron May Prefer Joe Johnson

Interesting. This is something that I heard of a few days ago, but decided not to post until now. I’m not sure I agree with the notion that Chris Bosh isn’t a “proven closer” and Johnson is. JJ didn’t seal the deal against the Knicks at the end of their last game, the team deferred to Jamal Crawford.  Bosh closed the Knicks out earlier in the year and had a last minute effort the other night against, ironically, Johnson’s Hawks when guarded by Al Horford.

JJ, as I’ve said before, is a really strong second option, and I know Mike D’Antoni is a huge fan and if James is, then it makes sense to target him first. As the dominoes fall this summer, it will be interesting to see how the Knicks play it in terms of first moves. Will they be active in the draft? How about the David Lee situation?

Obviously, the team will have to look identify it’s biggest weaknesses: getting offensive rebounds and keeping teams off their glass, and defensive-minded players.

James has also reportedly made note that Bosh would be a perfect complimentary player.