Chris Sheridan Points Out A Few things About Chicago…


“…Who is my 3-point shooter?

It won’t be Kirk Hinrich, since he is heading to the Wizards on July 8. It won’t be Rose, because he can’t shoot the 3 (27 pct last season). It won’t be Jannero Pargo, since he will be an unrestricted free agent and is not guaranteed to return, and it might not be Deng, because he may have to be used as a sign-and-trade chip to acquire that second max free agent (especially if that second player is Chris Bosh, who stands to make $30 million extra if he changes teams through a sign-and-trade deal). With the Knicks, he’d at least have Danilo Gallinari, who can stroke it so well that D’Antoni (in a mouthful of comment last fall) has described him as the best shooter he has ever seen.

_ Can Rose play off the ball?

That is one of the great unknowns in this whole equation, because Rose has shown himself (like James) to be a player who is most effective when he has the ball in his hands to run the offense. Can Rose subjugate his game to be the type of spot-up shooter that Mo Williams was in Cleveland? And what about the defensive end? Can Rose defend opposing point guards better than, or as well as, Toney Douglas can? Granted, Douglas is somewhat of an unknown on that level in the pros, and D’Antoni probably hurt himself in that department by limiting Douglas’ minutes in favor of Chris Duhon last season. But Douglas was the defensive player of the year in the ACC during his final season at Georgia Tech, and there’s no taking that off his resume…more.”

All of these questioned have been mentioned here and dissected often because they contain heavy amounts of logic. Kudos to Sheridan.