Wilson Buckets?

Via Basketball Prospectus (c/o Seth From P&T)

Chandler’s usage rate (29 percent) dwarfs the 20 percent he put up last season, but he’s producing more than a point per possession despite the expansion. This is not an aberration of hot three-point shooting either. Chandler is 5-of-19 from behind the arc so far and is actually shooting a higher portion of threes than in the past, a combination which should be an efficiency sinkhole. Chandler isn’t getting to the line more often and he’s not shooting any better inside the arc. He’s basically doing what he’s done in the past, only doing it more often. Chandler has ramped his rebounding up considerably and is sharing the ball less. He’s kind of doing what Al Harrington used to do off the bench for the Knicks. The result is a breakout season–so far–for the fourth-year swingman.

I know a lot of people cringe when thinking of Harrington, who just lit the Rockets up for 28 and 10 rebounds the other night. I believe Harrington was often hurt as a Knick, and had little trouble with the concept of fire if ready.

Chandler himself takes too many ill advised shots, even for the coach, but he’s in a position where he has to prove that he has a scorer’s mentality. Any scorer will tell you that the true definition of a “scorer’s mentality” is getting the ball in the basket any and every way possible without conscience.  Without Chandler the Knicks are down 12-15 points at the half the other night. Harrington did that too…people like to forget he was playing at an all-star level for much of the 2008-09 season and was the team’s best player, albeit on a rotten one.

But he is very gifted at putting the ball in the basket, and he’s a rugged defender when he needs to be.