Knicks Switch Late, Get Fortunate

As always the great NBA Playbook was spot on catching this play during last night’s key home victory. While Melo does get “sucked into the paint” leaving his man wide open in the corner (TKB favorite Ryan Anderson) he had the right idea. The Knicks are a terrible transition defensive team and here’s why. Again, the switch on every screen. Screens in transition are effective, but notice the Knicks did do a great job of getting back on this possession and Billups did a pretty good job of stopping the ball at the elbow. Then he and Douglas switched. Stoudemire, who took the shot on the offensive end, sprinted back to the paint and was there to hedge on the ball screen set by Bass. Douglas should have stayed on Turkoglu and everyone else should have stayed with their men in help position one pass away. Because Amar’e switched out, all hell broke loose and the Knicks had to help off the dribble.

Turkoglu missed Anderson wide open in the corner, which is generally always open because the Knicks, in this case, don’t consider it one pass away because it’s deep on the weak side and the ball is attacking the basket on the strong side. But the idea, especially with new players defensively, is that if you switch that much it takes immense communication, which takes time to develop as a team.

Or, you just don’t switch unless it’s the ONLY option.