Tim Hardaway Jr.

Knicks will wear orange again in 2014-15

The New York Knicks will wear their orange alternate jerseys again in 2014-15, despite their losing record in the uniforms (ESPN, July 21).

The Knicks went 0-7 in orange jerseys in 2013-14, were 0-6 in the orange alternate uniforms, and 0-1 in the short-sleeved orange uniform worn on Christmas Day.

Christopher Arena, NBA vice president of identity, outfitting and equipment confirmed the team would still wear orange, as well as sport their first names on the back of their Christmas Day jersey’s, should they see a holiday game.

They won’t, however, wear short-sleeved jerseys next season – though the Lakers, Pistons, Trail Blazers, Spurs and Raptors will.

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Did Derek Fisher pass his first real test as Knicks’ head coach?

Keith Schlosser

Despite not having much flexibility this summer, the Knicks have changed up the roster quite a bit in just a short amount of time. With an upgrade at point guard (Jose Calderon), a veteran center (Samuel Dalembert), an extra versatile big man to add to the mix (Jason Smith) and a nice injection of youth (Cleanthony Early, Shane Larkin, etc.), the Knicks are already poised to make improvements upon last season’s poor showing.

But, of course, sometimes a new coach can simply make a world of difference. A new vision for a different system, carried out and preached by a new inspiring voice in the locker room, can do wonders for a team’s moral and mentality.

derek fisher summer leagueThere’s reason to be optimistic, but there’s also no denying that Derek Fisher, a first-time head coach, is otherwise unproven. So how did Derek Fisher do in his first test while guiding the Knicks during NBA Summer League?

Along with Steve Kerr (Warriors) and David Blatt (Cavaliers), Fisher was one of three NBA head coaches to lead their teams in Las Vegas. Getting his feet wet, the five-time NBA champ had a chance to mentor Tim Hardaway Jr., Shane Larkin, Jeremy Tyler and his former teammate Shannon Brown. All four (the latter two currently have non-guaranteed contracts), as well as unsigned rookies Cleanthony Early and Thanasis Antetokounmpo, could all be part of the Knicks’ future in some way.

The short amount of time in Las Vegas thrusts a team and its respective coaching staff/players into a very unique situation. There isn’t as much as an opportunity to practice and many of the squad’s new faces aren’t figured to last longer than the week-plus.

Despite all of that, Coach Fisher found a way to help his team develop some rhythm. There was continuity on the court, players were communicating, and there were even some flashes of the triangle offense along the way.

By week’s end, the Knicks finished with a 4-1 record, winning their first four matchups to reach the quarterfinals in Las Vegas. New York spread the floor well and opened things up tremendously by encouraging big men like Tyler and Jordan Henriquez to keep the ball moving by passing it around the horn from down low. After watching a player like Tyler last season, it was clear that the newly instilled court-vision in his game helped ensure the offense continued to flow.

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Knicks to work out Dahntay Jones

The Knicks will work out Dahntay Jones (Isola, July 21).

Jones will also work out for the Sixers, and has already met with the Clippers.

The Knicks can offer just the minimum salary to Jones.

Jones averaged 5.6 points in 16.3 minutes per game in his career, and put up 3.4 points in 13.0 minutes per game in 2012-13, his last NBA season.

Keith Schlosser

Phil Jackson may not necessarily be leaning on anyone for advice as he molds the Knicks to his liking, but there’s no doubt Carmelo Anthony is a fan of this move.

One of Anthony’s better friends in the league, Jones was known for pushing Anthony harder than most players in practice during their time together with the Denver Nuggets. After Jones moved on to sign with the Indiana Pacers, he used such experience to his advantage when aiming to shut down Anthony defensively. Often it times it actually worked, and other times, he at least slowed the star forward down.

Standing tall as one of the NBA’s best scorers, there aren’t many players who can frustrate Anthony that much.

That’s exactly why Jones has all the respect in the world from the Knicks’ star. Previously known as a solid 3 and D guy, it’s up to Jones to prove he still has some left in the tank. On the comeback trail following an injury, Jones has been working out with NBA players and competing in tournaments and scrimmages around New York City this summer.

The Knicks, however, do not have any free roster spots at the moment.

Report: Knicks open to dealing Smith, Shumpert, Larkin

The Knicks have Carmelo Anthony back, but Phil Jackson is far from done.

ESPN is reporting that the Knicks are willing to deal guards J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert and Shane Larkin according to a league source (ESPN, July 20th).

The Knicks have a log jam at the guard position and the only untouchable player on the team is Tim Hardaway Jr. 

Smith is a former sixth man of the year while Shumpert is an excellent defensive guard. Larkin was obtained along with Jose Calderon and Samuel Dalembert in the Tyson Chandler trade (TKB, June 25th).

In case you missed it…

The Knicks lost their Las Vegas Summer League finale on Saturday night 82-79 to the Hornets. Patrick Ewing coached the Hornets, while Derek Fisher stepped in on the sidelines for the Knicks. Tim Hardaway Jr. led the Knicks with 27 points. >>> Read more at NBA.com. 

Andrew Bynum is considering sitting out the 2014-15 season to rehab his knee. When he comes back, a reunion with Phil Jackson in New York is a possibility. >>> Read more at Hang Time Blog. 

Former Knicks Ticky Burden, 61,  is battling a rare illness. >>> Read more in NY Post. 

Hamilton: Jeremy Tyler’s triangle evolution, contract option and hope to remain a Knick

Moke Hamilton, NBA Analyst

When he received the entry pass on the elbow, the triangle formed action commenced. Jeremy Tyler saw his first two outlets but opted to hold onto the ball and wait for his backdoor cutter. Tyler threaded the needle beautifully and has shown, albeit in the Las Vegas Summer League, that he has the right instincts to be a vital cog in Derek Fisher’s offense.

jeremy-tyler-summer-leagueHis fight to to earn his opportunity continues.

SNY.tv and The Knicks Blog has learned that the Knicks have until September 15 to decide whether or not they will exercise their $948,000 option on Tyler, whose place in the rotation has become murky with the recent additions that the Knicks have made to their front court rotation.

“They haven’t exercised the option yet,” Tyler told TKB during summer league play in Las Vegas.

“Summer league is extremely important for me for that reason, so I gotta play hard and play together but also showcase my talents and my skills. I need to give [the Knicks] a reason to bring me back,” he said.

As for whether he would like to return, Tyler didn’t play coy.

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Knicks considering bringing back World Peace?

Metta World Peace could be coming back to New York.

The former Ron Artest would like to come back to the Knicks now that Phil Jackson is the president of the club per the New York Post (Berman, July 19). 

The Knicks are considering a training camp invite for the city native and former St. John’s star who was released during last season by the Knicks. The Knicks currently owe Peace $250,000 off his contract. The veteran forward would have never asked for his release if he knew Jackson was going to be in New York. Peace was a key part of the last two Lakers’ titles under Jackson in Los Angeles.

Keith Schlosser

 In hoping to duplicate some of the same success he experienced with both the Bulls and Lakers, Phil Jackson has clearly been comfortable aiming to lean on some of his previously proven players and confidants.

Of course, World Peace was a key member of Jackson’s later success in Los Angeles.

Not only has the Queens native been interested in returning for quite a few months now (he reportedly met with Jackson back in March), he also told ESPN LA that he wouldn’t have accepted New York’s buyout offer, had he known the thirteen-time NBA champion was coming back to the Big Apple.

If the forward’s first stint in orange and blue is to be considered a let-down, it shouldn’t attributed to being his own fault. He looked good in patches, though consistent minutes never really came his way. It’s difficult to develop a rhythm when one is either a) not playing at all, or b) only thrust into games on spur of the moment’s notice. Consistency is key.

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