H20: Active in Summer League

We’re with Alan Hahn on this one, we don’t want to beat it to death but…

Houston apparently looked quite fit while playing at Nike Pro City:

Houston showed glimpses of his old self when he scored five quick points on Artest with a three-pointer in his grill and a blow by for a lay up.”

And by “old self” they must mean…

And of course

Again, I don’t know if bringing an aging player from the past is a good idea. It wouldn’t exactly make sense from a roster standpoint. But as I said last year, they desperately need a spot shooter, and Houston could give them that in flashes. Would it hamper the development of Gallinari or Chandler? Probably, which was why, in part, Balkman was dealt.

Which makes me think that a H20 comeback is unlikely, but if this organization is staunch about regaining some class, bringing Houston in is the perfect opportunity.