Amar'e Stepping Up at the Right Time

Boy, the plight of Knicks fans. So many years of having to deal with bad contracts.

This is why, I believe people are quick to jump to conclusions, especially when talking about Amar’e Stoudemire¬† Stoudemire, who lacked any mid range jump shot or bounce to his step for the first few months of the season, was done physically I heard people say.

Coming off a back injury that caused him to sit during the playoffs last year and an extended work stoppage that hampered his rehabilitation, Stoudemire showed up to camp with an extra 10+ pounds of muscle on his frame. Gone, initially, was the explosive hop that caused Stoudemire to earn All-NBA honors again last year.

Amar’e has been the consummate teammate. He’s been forced to learn the 4 position as the offense has tried to mix in Jeremy Lin, Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony.

I’ve had a ton of back and forths on Twitter about Amar’e and I’ve always held back on calling him “done” because I wanted to see if he had the capabilities to get himself back physically for a long playoff stretch. This has been a wacky set up in terms of how an athlete conditions themselves physically, and no one works harder at it than Amar’e.

He’s dunking everything now. He’s in a great groove. He looks like a player who can sustain all the way until June and can play his best basketball over the next several months.

The NBA season, normally, is a marathon, not a sprint. This year it’s been a bit of both and it’s great to see Amar’e getting back in a great offensive rhythm.

Oh, and his defense has been pretty good recently as well.