Melo Update

So despite months of dodging the Nets, Carmelo Anthony met with them last night. It’s a story that was first reported by the Daily News’ beat writer Frank Isola. What came out of the meetings with the Nets, apparently, was Anthony’s unwillingness to extend with the Nets.


Sources said Anthony was noncommittal after hearing the Nets’ presentation, declining to say whether or not he would sign the three-year, $65 million contract extension that New Jersey has established as a prerequisite for completing a trade with Denver.

Anthony told the Nets he will think about the situation and reiterated his publicly stated position of hoping to have a resolution to this five-months-old trade saga by the end of the All-Star Weekend. Much of the league, nonetheless, continues to operate under the assumption that the All-Star forward remains desperate to wind up with the New York Knicks when all is said and done.

The Knicks are working feverishly on the deal and a source with knowledge of the meetings has told me that while ownership has control over the meetings, Donnie Walsh is still very much a big part of the negotiations as of Friday.

This is a situation that is rapidly coming to a close with the Knicks in the lead. All parties, including fans, would love to see this situation finally come to a close.