Bosh, Horford and Lee

The above title suggests that this will be a compare and contrast of three of the most talented front court players in the Eastern Conference, if not the entire league.

And it will be. But before I get into it, let’s just pour the final shovel of dirt on the Lee snubbing. It was close, but in the end, I keep hearing, it came down to a team’s win/loss record. If that is the difference-making criteria, then it’s just silly.

We mentioned the fact that Danny Granger and Devin Harris both made the team just a season ago, so that would suggest that this isn’t always the case. To me, it came down Horford and Lee. I’ve said a million times that I love everything about Horford’s game, and if I were starting a team tomorrow I’d be sure to have Horford on my roster. If you’re one of those old-school 1990’s Knick fans, you’d appreciate Horford’s edge, his post and face up game, and that he dunks everything. Some games he’ll get you 5 blocks a game and dunk everything in transition. I think he’s a more offensively-skilled Antonio Davis and a Marcus Camby-type rolled in one. Camby, of course, is the better shot blocker, but remember, the Hawks lean on Josh Smith a lot on help side blocks. Make Horford a help-side defender and his blocks would go up in my opinion.

That said, Lee, offensively, is having a better season and I have no problem in saying that he should have made the team over Horford, but that’s not to take from the fact that Horford is also well deserved.

Bosh is having a career year. He’s better than both of them and he is still only 25 going on 26, a year younger than Lee, with a far more decorated resume. He’s made the playoffs and won 47 games with T.J. Ford, who in fairness was healthy, Anthony Parker and Juan Dixon. Sure, they were bad last year, but it’s not like this guy has ever had all that much talent around him.

Again, this is not to diminish what Lee has done, to be mentioned in this group speaks more to how far he’s come, and continues to go. Again, he should have been an All-Star this year.

Is Bosh a franchise player? Would he want the pressure of carrying the Knicks past 2010? Or would fans, many of whom have told me they aren’t that sold on him, welcome him with open arms? Dollar for dollar, especially when Horford signs his next deal, which is sure to be a huge raise, what makes money makes the most sense if you want to sign Lee?

Bosh is a perfect compliment to a superstar, that much is very clear.

All questions that at this point that don’t have answers.

And let’s be fair, why on earth wasn’t Lee guarding Bosh in the final minute when the team needed a stop in the 4th quarter last night? Haven’t seen the tape, but I’m thinking they had Wilson Chandler on Turkoglu, they ran a pick and Lee and Chandler switched.

Yes, I know the coach tells everyone to switch, but Lee has to say regardless of everything, “I’ve got Bosh.”