ClippersBlog Disses Z-Bo's "D"

Funny observation from Kevin Arnovitz of Clippersblog. He notes the defensive prowess that Zach Randolph is famous for.

“…About five minutes into the game, there’s a sequence that’s the perfect three-second embodiment of Zach Randolph’s defensive career:

  • [1st, 7:13] Randolph guards Howard a couple of steps off the mid-left post.  He faces up on Zach, pounds a single left-handed dribble into the floor, then takes a stride along the baseline, then goes up for a stuff.That’s it.  Howard doesn’t freeze Randolph with a deceptive jab step, or execute some pretty footwork to get himself free.  He merely uses Zach Randolph against Zach Randolph…”

I actually listened to Peter Vecsey on The Fan this morning, and he questioned  Donnie Walsh’s decision to bring in Cuttino Mobley and Tim Thomas for Randolph. He said he was actually “turned off” by trading Randolph and Jamal Crawford despite saying the team is “still competitive.”

Still? This team was competitive for half a second with Randolph and Crawford.

Shockingly, Vecsey is not a fan of what Walsh has done. Me? I wanted to throw a parade for the guy after the deals and plenty of fans wanted to as well.  We’re hopeful, not bitter. Ain’t cracking any Keystones around here, sir.