Recap: Wizards 106 Knicks 96


This just in, Mike Miller is still open.

What the Knicks have shown most recently, is the inability to bring enough energy to a game after a hard loss. Reason number #101 why superstars are so essential in this league.

Stars just don’t allow teams to lose games they could and should win, but judging from the play of Antawn Jamison, Miller and Randy Foye, the Knicks weren’t even close to the better team tonight, 14-22 from the line or not.

Miller, by himself, made more threes than the Knicks team, which is laughable. Chris Duhon continues to baffle me by constantly hesitating from the three point line. Obviously, he doesn’t think he can make the shot, but after thinking better of it, he decides to shoot anyway.

I thought Jordan Hill did some nice things tonight, despite shooting a poor percentage, (2-9, 7 pts 6 rebounds) he was much more aggressive on both ends.

Unfortunately, Danilo Gallinari struggled with shot selection all night, and had an ineffective offensive night.

But as we’ve said, this stretch is critical and any way you slice it, this is a bad loss. At this point it is clear, that the team has probably dug itself too big a hole to get out of in the quest for the playoffs.