Upon Further Review

Having watched the tape, here are a few more thoughts from yesterday.

  • The fatigue excuse is one that I can understand, but if the Knicks continue to struggle in missing shots and getting killed on the boards, are we going to have to hear about jetlag too?
  • Amar’e, we get the fact that you’re embracing NY. Doing commercials and hanging in front of the camera. Please don’t get Justin Tuck-itis. At least Tuck has a ring.
  • As far as on the floor, Ronny Turiaf really struggled guarding the post, and if Mozgov doesn’t learn to set “legal” screens by NBA standards, the Knicks are going to get punished on the boards consistently, putting more pressure on shot making.
  • Speaking of legal screens, how can players consistently get bumped driving to the lane with no foul call, yet officials police hip movement 30 feet from the basket like speeding tickets on quota day?
  • D’Antoni would do well to sit Gallo when he’s struggling and feature Wilson Chandler, instead of sitting him early when he’s carrying the load offensively. Chandler disappeared after his hot start. You have to ride the hot hand.
  • Andy Rautins was fantastic in his limited appearance.
  • Felton has to get the team into many more pick and roll situations. Three times when they needed a basket to cut Wolves runs in the first half they got an easy look in the PnR.
  • There’s little reason for concern other than the rebounding, which as always been at the top of my list of concerns. So I’m concerned about that. Bottom line is the team is still very much a work in progress, but that progress can occur faster if they can secure the basketball.