A Final Word on Linsanity

Brian DiMenna

Ugh, I know. Not Jeremy Lin, right? Why this again? And I get that.

But as it turns out to be the one-year anniversary of the start of Linsanity, I find it kind of sad that it got to that and it seems so unnecessary and such a function of a media culture that turns every fun and surprising thing into a WORLDWIDE PHENOMENON from which there is no escape.

I completely understand the backlash to Lin, the folks turned off by the incessant hype, by the idea that the Knicks making a wholly defensible decision to let him go was seen as some betrayal that warranted abandoning the franchise and who were tired of all this attention for what has turned out to be a solid if unspectacular starting point guard in the NBA. Something that was so organic and cool and unexpected became almost an assault. You were going to LOVE Linsanity whether you wanted to or not.

If the Knicks made a wise decision, it was replacing Lin with Felton, specifically, someone we already knew and liked. No one was going to be upset having to root for Ray Felton, someone who’s arguably the better player, comes with considerably less baggage or controversy, and one who, for me, just feels like a natural Knick.

But I really don’t even want to get in to all that, it legitimately doesn’t matter anymore. But I do just think it’s OK to still like Jeremy Lin, to check his box scores and wish him well, to recall with fondness and mirth that still surreally ridiculous and improbable run he put together, while enjoying with even more joy and enthusiasm the undeniable fact that this season is SO much better, to recognize that the team does not need or miss Lin and to think all of these things at the same time.

Which is to say, Linsanity was fun, this is oh so much better.

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