Barkley Prefers Young and Dumb

They are not constructed well and they got older. I want you to compare them to what the Celtics did. The Celtics have older guys but they went out and got a bunch of younger guys. The Knicks are not constructed well and they went out and got a bunch of old guys. If you are going to go out and get a bunch of guys, I want guys who will play hard, even if they are wild and crazy, and young and dumb. At least they’ll play with great energy. I think that’s better than bringing in a bunch of old guys.

Charles Barkley in Sports Illustrated

Brian DiMenna

It will come as no surprise to those of you with, say, a television, but Charles Barkley is not that high on the Knicks.

Barkley has made this something of a hobby horse of his the last few years, a habit that has been made all the more annoying by the fact he’s happened to be right. Obviously, his point here is hardly novel, you might have noticed a few others point out the fact that the Knicks are kind of old. It could prove that the veteran leadership does turn out to be too long in the tooth, we should get especially worried when guys start forgetting their keys and handing out hard candy, but for now the old dogs have looked like there’s plenty left in the tank and the “too old” concern may prove overblown.

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